“Being a good facilitator isn’t the same as knowing how to manage people or run a meeting. It all comes down to understanding the tools–and structure–that help people collaborate.”

B. Klein

I am proud of my nearly 20 years experience leading groups in all sorts of settings, I have spent the majority of it delivering programs in the northeast working with my own clients, and as a contractor for the Browne Center for Innovative Learning, and Project Adventure with their clients.

I am also proud of my professional associations. A current member of the Association for Experiential Education and I am attempting to maintain a Challenge Course digital portfolio as suggested by the Association of Challenge Course Technology.

Below are links to the pages that make up this Portfolio.

Course Descriptions
Facilitation Records
Training Attended


Delivery totals(not all details) were imported from an old portfolio pre-May 1, 2018.

Facilitation Total Hours

Training Total Hours